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PangYa Wishlist (Blog To Link Here)

Please note that you are not obliged to give me anything on this list. If you want to, or maybe you suddenly got struck in the head by something and had this sudden urge to gift me an item, then feel free to do so. You can send the gift over to my account: "genesius". Current nickname: "iGen(-;])(one)".

If you do gift me an item or two, I will be very, very grateful. I might return the favour later on by gifting you an item, be it Astros or Pangs, when I can or have the money to do so. Give it out of your own free will, I'm not forcing you to.


White Sweater (H)
White Ribbon Slipper (H)
White Knit Band (H)
Evening Top (C)
Evening Skirt (C)
Red Lace Boots (C)
Libera R Uniform Top (C)
Libera R Uniform Bottom (C)
Black Lace Pumps (C)
Naval Formal Top (C)
Naval Formal Bottom (C)
Sonia Top (C)
Sonia Bottom (C)
Sonia Sandal (C)
Camo Headgear (C)
Smoked Shades (C)
Eyeglasses (C)
Tight Blue Uniform Top (A)
Blue Uniform Bottom (A)
Shadow Falcon (A)
Brown Elfin Mini (A)
Navy Blue Ribbon Pumps (A)
Athena Sandals (A)
Silver Tiara (A)
Blue Hair Ribbon (A)
Rosy Hairband (A)
Black Uniform Top (KZ)
Black Uniform Bottom (KZ)
Double Buckle Shoes (KZ)
Tako (KZ)
Legion Horns (KZ)
Mephisto Horns (KZ)
Chancellor Headset (KZ)
Victoria Mask (C)
Rosey Cheeks (C)
Whiskers (C)
Rosey Cheeks (A)

Victoria Mask (C)
Rosey Cheeks (C)
Black Uniform Top (KZ)
Black Uniform Bottom (KZ)
Double Buckle Shoes (KZ)
Angel Wings (C)
Angel Wings (A)
Angel Wings (KZ)

Happy New Year All!! HAPPY 2008!!! =DDDD

Wishing all in advanced, HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! HAVE A FABULOUS 2008!!! =D

Hopefully things will be much better then they were this year. 2007 wasn't such a good year for me. Let's just say it was rather... depressing&disappointing. But, it's time to put it behind me and improve on the things that I'm lacking in. ~Cheerios people! =)

Got my new specs yesterday, I like the design(DuH, if not why would I choose it? =.=lll), it looks... abit like Max's 'Reading Glasses'... Hmm...

Still playing Pangya like crazy @_@. I must resist... since I can't be online at all starting next year. T.T

I'm thinking of playing Highstreet5 after 'O's next year. ^^ It's another online dance game like Audition, but the graphics are very similar to The Sims 2. It's currently in Open/Closed(??) Beta. The game looks cool from what I've seen. But the setup file is HUGE. A whopping 1.29 GB! OMG.

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Sorry if the English used here sucks... I just copied it from my blogger and editted the abbreviations. (._.)v


Long time no update~

Heheh... Update just to post pictures I took today. Some from Band Camp(No humans involved, just some areas that reminded me of the Himuro Mansion. Yes. The Himuro Mansion. xD)

NAS' very own 'Himuro Mansion Areas' IMOCollapse )

My sis bought Petit Studio Stage 2 in hopes of getting Luna or Rey. She ended up getting Meer which I bought from her. ^^
Petit Studio stage 2: MeerCollapse )


Fanfic under the cut.

Holly - A Kyouka Kuze FanficCollapse )
I can't believe I'm listening to this song when posting this. SOOOO COINCIDENTAL. xD

Happy, happy Day! =D

Whee~ Today's such a great day!

1st: I completed Fatal Frame 2 on Hard Mode! Hahas, poor Sae, fell into the Abyss and wasn't reunited with Yae... Oh well, can't compare with Mio though(She became blind RAWR). *Doesn't like the PS2 Hard Mode Ending, likes XBox's Hard Mode Ending better*.

2nd: Our MioTV modem thing came today. It's a bit like cable? I'm not too sure... (._.)v Anyway, it apparently allows both our desktop and my sis' laptop to use the Internet at the same time! YAY! No more fighting over the Internet now hahas! Oh, and another good point is that we'll be able to meet each other in the online games like Pangya&Audition.



Vectoring... is hard~... =)

I tried vectoring something just now. Decided to start with something small with display pictures(MSN)/100x100 icons(livejournal). Well, here they are! All 3 based off Fatal Frame or something around that genre... ^^;;

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I personally like the first one better... It's not Fatal Frame based though I did have that in my mind while vectoring it. Lols. Second one is the Crimson Butterfly from Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. I know, the wings suck. T^T Well, I'll just have to work on it next time. Last icon is also from FF2:CB this time featuring Sae Kurosawa, the main antagonist. I don't really know how to make her mouth into the "evil grin" look. So I'm stuck with her looking like "Eh?!". xD

If you happen to want to take them(Though I can't see what in the world would make you think that), please comment&credit at the very least. It would be very much appreciated.



Oh man, so sorry!!!!!

OMG, I was at the bus-stop after band waiting for my bus. Then some guy in a business suit sat next to me and asked me in Chinese which bus to take to the Interchange. I TOLD HIM THE WRONG BUS!!!!! ARHHHHHHHHH!!!!! T____________________T I'M SO SORRY RANDOM GUY IN BUSINESS OUTFIT!!!!!! GOMEN NASAI!!!!


Fatal Frame 2 Thoughts

I really think we need a wireless network instead of using a modem for the Internet. This way, at least me and my sis will be able to use the net at the same time instead of having to wait for the other to finish. Especially at night. I can't stand it.

I've finally completed Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly. Yay! Don't really like the ending since (read it under the cut).

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Song meme:!! =))

Tagged by shiroki_tenshi

List 7 songs that you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether they have words of even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your LJ along with your 7 songs. Then tag 7 other people to see what they're listening to in absolute random order.

1. Chou ~ Tsukiko Amano (I really like this song, other than because it's Fatal Frame 2's image song. Her voice is really nice!!)
2. Koe ~ Tsukiko Amano (Fatal Frame 3 image song, also the same reason as to why I like Chou)
3. FOREVER GREEN ~ F.I.R. (I think it's a cover of a Japanese song?? I'm not sure... ._.)
4. Canon Groove ~ Audition (My favourite song from Audition Online)
5. 三个心愿 ~ F.I.R. (Roughly translates to "3 wishes of the heart" or something like that. I'm becoming crazy over F.I.R. again since their new album was just released.)
6. 月牙湾 ~ F.I.R. (It's like a mix between classical Chinese and Mandopop, that's why I like the band, they know how to make new and unique music!)
7. Canon 2007 ~ Audition (A Korean remix of Canon Groove, it has a rather slower beat than the former though... But it's still nice to listen to.)

Imma tagging: sai_rin, jdiam, hikoto & dark_mage626

I don't really have 7 people to tag so that'll have to do. =P


F-Locked No More

I've decided to make my LiveJournal "fully permeable" instead of "selectively permeable" so now it won't be Friends Only. Everyone and anyone can just barge into my journal only to find crappy entries by me. XD