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iconfiend100_Second Update!

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Artist: kiseki_emotion
Pairing/Character: Meer Campbell
Theme set: Beta
Theme(s): 08. Fairytale, 56. AC_Confused, 57. AC_look what you did to me
# of icons in post: 3
# of icons completed total: 32/100
Credits: HERE

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First Update!!!

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Artist: kiseki_emotion
Pairing/Character: Meer Campbell
Theme set: Beta
Theme(s): 01. Candlelit, 02. Dress Up, 04. Two's Company, 06. Secret Admirer, 09. the Little Things, 12. Goofing Off, 19. Seasons, 21. Love Letter, No. 23.-30., 34. Entwined, 35. Spell Binding, 38. Colors, 39. Don't Cry, 43.Carry, 45. Whisper, 47. I'll Be There, 50. Yin Yang, No. AC_51-55
# of icons in post: 29
# of icons completed total:29/100
Credits: HERE

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Yay! IWe finally received the prizes that evilnekohilda sent us!! Thank you so much, the cards are lovely, especially the Suiseiseki ones!!! =DDD How coincidental that we received it on New Year's Day Eve. O.O I finally managed to win something for something I done. *single tear falls* XDDD

Icon Post #2 [Public]

Heya everyone!! I'm posting(and re-posting certain 'Friend-Locked icons')new icons here in this post.

Hope you like them. Comments would be nice... oh and credits if used!!


Gundam SEED/Destiny - 8 [Some are SEED Club]
Rozen Maiden - 6

Kinda little, yes I know... -_-

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Please don't flame! It's my first time writing this type of story!!!

Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13 to be safe
Pairings: None
Summary: Meer Campbell, a girl who was nobody until one day...
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Please comment if you read it! ^^;;