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Fanfic under the cut.

How much time has passed in this place? Once, it was my home. Now, it is a ruin.

This place... holds many memories... It is also the place where I've spent my loneliest days.

A memory that I'll never forget... The memory I'll never forget... Akito...

I still remember the day when we first met... That was the day I understood what love was. We met everyday, loving each other more and more with each passing second. Then, came the day when I gave birth to a boy, and the day Akito had to leave. That was the saddest day of my life, I knew that I might never see Akito again, and the baby could not stay, for boys were forbidden in the manor.

Akito gave me a pair of earrings. He promised to return to me. So I waited, and waited. He had told me once that he loved my hair, so I combed and pinned it, waiting for the day when he would come back and see it again.

That day never came. And I'm still combing my hair, awaiting his return. I spend most of my days crying... out of loneliness.

Wait, listen... Someone is opening the door. But who could it be? Nobody ever visits the manor anymore...

I stand behind the koto, watching the door open. A man steps in.

It is Akito. He has returned to me.

Finally, my solitude has come to an end. I approach him. But... something is not right... A look of shock on his face upon seeing me. He immediately takes out that small box of his. The one that allows him to take pictures of me. I vaguely remeber him calling it a camera. And he presses a button on it, a flash of light coming from the the gadget.

Suddenly, I feel pain all over my body.

It's the camera that is hurting me. But, why? It never happened before...

I try to get close to Akito, but everytime I move nearer, he shoots me with the camera.

I hear the camera clicking over and over again, and I feel weaker with each flash of light. Why would Akito want to hurt me?

At last, I cannot take the pain anymore... and I fall to the floor. I look at Akito, he is looking back at me.

I feel myself being freed from this terrible existence, filled with parting and sorrow, and I smile... At least... he came back...

I can't believe I'm listening to this song when posting this. SOOOO COINCIDENTAL. xD


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